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June 2011



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Jun. 23rd, 2011

stop writing a fairy dies

City of Bones MOVIE casting UPDATE

 JACE WAYLAND has been cast! :D Ok, so it isn't Alex Pettyfer, although he was in the running for a long time. But having JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER play the gorgeous, snarky, broody, Shadowhunter isn't as bad as I once thought. In fact, watching him in Camelot is giving me the chance to warm up to his acting skills (because, lets face it, playing Caius in Twilight didn't really really scream 'tormented teenager' to me). I'm looking forward to the first official "in-character" promotional pictures of Jamie and Lily (Colins) as Jace and Clary...but I expect we're a long way from that still. Up next, casting Simon, Isabel, Alec, Hodge, Valentine, Luke and Jocelyn. 

To be fair, Screen Gems did post this picture, just to pacify the crowds who were rioting after losing Alex P, although I'm strongly hoping they'll axe that little scruffy beard Jamie has going on (a photo-manip from a Camelot promo shot, I assume) when he starts filming City of Bones. I do like that they showed his eyes can be altered to match Jace's with gold contacts though, and that Cassandra Clare has said that his hair will be a little shorter and also that he'll be training to 'bulk up' a bit to match Jace's athletic Shadowhunter physique. :) Also, here's a pic with Jamie and Lily side by side so that we can get an idea of our two upcoming leads. ;)

I wish I could see his audition tape though. According to Cassandra Clare, she started crying when she saw it, because he "was [my] Jace". 

P.S. Jamie is British and I'm curious as to whether he'll be using a British or American accent to play Jace in the films. I always imagined Jace as American, since he's spent most of his life in New York, but there's a brief alluding to his father (?) being British as well as Jace's having grown up in Idris, so he might have an"Idrisian" accent. I think I could get used to it either way, but my initial feeling is American accent. Guess I'll have to wait and see like everyone else. ;)


Apr. 2nd, 2011

stop writing a fairy dies


Well, kind of. ^_^; I finished the first draft of BOOK ONE in my trilogy "GIFTED" on March 30th, 2011. That was exactly 5 months since I started writing it during NaNo last November. I suppose you could say it took 7 months, though, since I started working on the outline for it in September 2010.

So stats, for those who are interested:

Page Count: 155
Word Count: 89,880
Draft: first

Now on to the ever-loving editing fun! XD I'm actually a little afraid to go back and do a thorough read-through of my early work. Remember, a lot of the first half of this draft was written during the craziness that was NaNoWriMo, and that involved a lot of late-night writing. I hope I don't cringe too

I'm taking a short break from book one, though, to try and solidify my outline for book 2, which is pretty vague right now. I have a couple of scenes worked out, but right now they're just floaters, they don't have a place in the plot yet. Oh, and I have an exam on the 14th. I should probably try and set aside a little time for studying too, yes? XD

Feb. 15th, 2011

stop writing a fairy dies

Keep on writing, keep on writing, writing, writing, keep on writing....

Just a small update to say that I'm still alive and still working hard on "Gifted". I've passed 75k and am amazed at the feat! ^__^ Possibly 10k or less until the end of book one. We shall see....

P.S. Still waiting on everyone else aside form "Clary" to be cast in the City of Bones movie. Hope they give us an update soon!

Dec. 17th, 2010

stop writing a fairy dies

City of Bones MOVIE: Official Casting has begun!!

It's finally happening! CLARY has been cast. ^_^

I'm reasonably impressed with the actress they chose to play her: Lily Collins. Not my ideal "Clary" but then, nothing will ever live up to how I imagined the characters in my head. But I can see her as Clary. She has a fresh face, and looks like she can play both 'innocent' and 'fiesty'. I just hope they dye her hair properly red. As you can see in the pictures below, she can pull off red hair. And give her green contacts. Lily was last seen in "The Blind Side".

My Christmas wish is to find out who's been cast as "Jace" next. Of course you all know my dream, along with 99% of the Mortal Instruments fandom, is to have Alex Pettyfer play him, but that's a long shot, so I'll just dream quietly while I wait. But having someone officially cast makes the movie just so much more REAL to me! ^_^ I wish I had release date to look forward to...right now I'm thinking early 2012. I want the movie done right, so if that means I have to wait a little longer then so be it.

Until then, I give you the "official Clary": Lily Collins! (I personally think she looks the most "Clary-like" in the third picture.

Nov. 30th, 2010

stop writing a fairy dies

NaNoWriMo 2010 - Gifted Book One: The Gathering!

I actually did it! I can't believe it! For all those years that I've posted on my lj about doing NaNo, this is the year that I actually passed the 50k word mark....and am still going! 

My novel is maybe 80% completed at this moment. This year I outlined for all of September and October and of my 30 pages of notes I'm only on page 9. In my novel these 9 pages from the outline translated to 83 pages of story in 12 point font. I really was surprised at how something so small from my outline, such as: Character A overhears Character B and C arguing and goes to tell Character D, could turn into three full pages of writing or more. I don't know what my 83 pages would look like in your average-sized YA novel in book-form, but I'm pretty darn impressed with myself so far. ^__^

Now that the crazy days of November have passed (well, after tonight) I can slow down (slightly) and not force myself to be writing until minutes before midnight on a daily basis, simply because I want to get my word count updated on the NaNo website before the clock changes over. Lol. Some days it was like getting blood from a stone to get my words done for the day (you are supposed to write at least 1667 words daily in order to cross 50,000 by November 30th) and other days I could get my words done in an hour or less, they flowed so easily.

NaNo was a wild ride and I made some amazing friends across the globe and in my own city while doing it. I'm so impressed with myself for accomplishing this. So who knows, maybe one day you'll see my novel sitting on a shelf in your local bookstore? ^__^ For now though, you can contend yourself with my fan-made cover (from an extremely talented artisan on the NaNo forums, sorry the image is showing so small though!) and my winner's banner (access granted only to those who have passed the 50k mark and validated on the website).

Below you can see that Neil Gaiman sums up my November neatly:

"When writing a novel, that's pretty much entirely what life turns into: 'House burned down. Car stolen. Cat exploded. Did 1500 easy words, so all in all it was a pretty good day.'"
-- Neil Gaiman

Aug. 13th, 2010

stop writing a fairy dies

Mortal Instruments Dream Movie Cast

Since Cassandra Clare has announced that her series The Mortal Instruments has been optioned for a film trilogy and currently has secured both funding and a screen writer I'm starting to get excited!! In order to help me survive what is sure to be a several year wait for the first movie (I wouldn't expect anything sooner then late 2012 at the earliest) I decided to put together my dream cast for the characters.

Clary Fray - as portrayed by Molly Quinn

Clary was a hard person for me to cast. In the end I choose Molly because she had the right
amount of youth (she's 17 and totally looks like she could play 15-16 even in a couple of years) and
sweetness as well as a hint of attitude underneath.

(Plus she just looks good when put next to Alex Pettyfer...hee)

Jace Wayland - as portrayed by the gorgeous Alex Pettyfer

Alex IS Jace.

There can be no other for me.

Even if they cast someone other then him when the real actors are assembled,
he'll always be my Jace. Loved him in "Wild Child", but haven't seen him in anything else. He's a fairly
newish actor but he's also about the right age for Jace, being 20 years old he could play younger easily.
Anyway, look at that hair and those eyes and that smirk....siiiiiiigh. ^_^

Isabelle Lightwood - as portrayed by Summer Glau

It was hard to find someone who had the right combination of "girlie and bad-ass", but
I've loved Summer in Serenity and Terminator and think she fits Izzy well. :) Doesn't she
just scream "Shadowhunter" in these pictures? ;)

Alec Lightwood - as portrayed by Skandar Keynes

Honestly, he wasn't my first choice for Alec. But then, I didn't really have a
choice in mind. I stumbled across this picture with a quote by Alec from
City of Ashes which I loved, however. But Skandar does have a nice amount
of brooding going on in this picture, and he's got the whole Alec wardrobe going for him too.

Magnus Bane - as portrayed by Chriss Angel

High Warlock of Brocklyn, Maguns has a flare all his own and is one
of my favorite characters after Jace. Chriss has always been my Magnus.
Even though Cassandra Clare has said that Magnus is part Asian. I just
can't get Chriss out of my head. Heh. I mean, just check out that glittery,
multi-coloured hair! ;)

Simon Lewis - as portrayed by Kristopher Turner

I love Simon. I was so glad when his character got a
bigger part as the series went on. Sure, he's still a secondary character,
but I'm really looking forward to the next few books and seeing how
his character grows. I've never seen him act in anything but I love how he looks.
He's totally how I imagined Simon from the books! :)

Jocelyn Fray (Clary's Mom) - as portrayed by ?

(Actually I don't know who this woman is offhand....although she looks
very familiar, so she must be famous. I'm just terrible with names and faces... XD).
Anyway, she's very pretty and looks like she could pass for my "Clary's mom" if
Molly Quinn were cast for Clary. ;)

Luke Garroway/Lucian Graymark - as portrayed by Scott Patterson

Throw a pair of glasses on Scott and you have my "Luke". You could even pretend that the "open"
sign behind him was leading into his bookstore. :) (Although my fixation on Scott as "Luke" may be partially
due to the fact that I adored him as another "Luke" on Gilmore Girls...heh.)

Valentine - as portrayed by Viggo Mortensen

I think I see it because of the interesting beard he's got going on in this picture. Although Valentine
had white hair in the book. But with the snappy suite and cocky yet handsome face, he'd make a
very fine Valentine. Too bad he's evil. ;)

Maia as portrayed by - Jurnee Smollett

I don't know anything about this girl, but she fits the description of Maia in the books quite
well and she is very pretty. I could see her giving Jace a piece of her mind. Lol.

Another one of my favorites for Maia is Jessica Szohr (from Gossip Girl)

Everyone's favourite werewolf girl. ;) I hope that Maia and Simon
hook up in "City of Fallen Angels" (book #4, not out until April 2011!!).
Well, that is unless Izzy decides to give him the time of day first. Heh.
Also, I'm aware that my chosen actress has blue eyes while Maia
has brown, but just imagine in some coloured contacts, ok? ;)

stop writing a fairy dies

City of Fallen Angels

Mar. 15th, 2010

stop writing a fairy dies

Fun with Facebook - Ode to the Candy Dish

It's late, nearly 2AM in fact, and the reason I'm still awake is that I was putting the finishing touches on my Art History essay on Van Gogh's Starry Night. I decided to cruise facebook briefly before going to bed and saw a conversation from a friend of mine which just cracked me up! Of course, this may be due to the fact that it's 2AM and aside form 5 hours at work I've spent the entire day working on this essay and my brain is half melted. But, nevertheless, I found this conversation particularly amusing and so I'm going to share it with the rest of you on the interwebs. Enjoy! ^_^

8 hours until I get to work :(
about an hour ago
James R.G. Martinac
lol yep and there is a empty candy dish on your desk waiting for you to fill it... oh wait i mean "talk" to it! lol
about an hour ago

What am I missing? Talk to it?
about an hour ago
James R.G. Martinac
well apparently "talk" meant something else on your status lol
about an hour ago

Are you insinuating I want to make love to the candy dish? Lol
about an hour ago
James R.G. Martinac
lol no!
about an hour ago

Well then what?
about an hour ago
James R.G. Martinac
just that the candy dish needs to be filled lol
57 minutes ago

I'm very suspicious that you are not telling me the truth!
55 minutes ago
James R.G. Martinac
lol i never lie :)
51 minutes ago

LoL. And I believe you :)
49 minutes ago
James R.G. Martinac
lol no you don't
45 minutes ago

You need to learn how to trust!
44 minutes ago
James R.G. Martinac
great now you sound like my mother!
43 minutes ago

LoL! Well maybe you should listen to her so we could avoid having this discussion!
40 minutes ago
James R.G. Martinac
but i like this convo :(
39 minutes ago

Aww I like it too....don't get all sad on me!!
37 minutes ago
James R.G. Martinac
lol i live in the moment the future has not happened yet and the past is just that in the past
35 minutes ago

Its late for a blonde girl & you make me dizzy! So...what exactly are you saying?
33 minutes ago
James R.G. Martinac
26 minutes ago

Jan. 5th, 2010

stop writing a fairy dies

Diary of an Adult Figure Skater: Part 1

Back in October 2009 I was watching the movie "Ice Princess" (2004, Michelle Trachtenberg) and as I was watching the magic of Disney transform a teenage girl into a fabulous skater in a few months, starting with her taking lessons with the 8 year old girls, I had a thought.

Why couldn't that be me?

Not that I could be transformed into a fabulous skater who lands triple jumps without the aid of Disney Magic, but I did begin to think about the idea of taking skating lessons again.

So I began to do some research to see if it was even possible for someone of my age to even take lessons. I'm somewhat older then the character in the movie who had similar ideas. Heh. After much searching of the local arenas in Winnipeg I found one which had it's year-sessions starting just one week previous. I sent off an e-mail to the Century Figure Skating Club telling them my current level of skating (which, at the time, involved forward skating, some pretty sloppy crossovers, and the ability to get up properly when I fall on the ice) and asked how I would go about taking lessons again. It was recommended to me that I look into getting a private coach because of my age (27); I would, they said, probably not want to take lessons with the little kids...although I could if I wanted... heh.

I took the private coach route. ^_^ The following Thursday I bussed across town to the rink and met with the club membership coordinator who introduced me to Esther, a Chinese-Canadian woman exactly my age, who had time open in her schedule to take on another private student. So I signed up for the year (Oct-March 2010) and paid for my weekly ice time even Thursday from 5pm - 545pm. I have a half hour lesson with Esther and then 15 mins of personal practice time afterward.

I'm the oldest person at my rink that I know of (at least during my ice time). I wish there were other adult skaters taking lessons then too. It would be great to meet some other women who are getting back into the sport like me. I know they're out there! If anyone happens to read this blog entry please feel free to comment and I'll e-mail you back!! ^__^

Let me just say that I seriously adore my coach! <3 She is the sweetest person. Always encouraging me to try new things. And kindly not beating my head against the ice each of the numerous times she reminds me to "Keep your head up!" and "Bend your knees...but keep your back straight!!" every lesson. Heh. She's incredibly patient with me. ^_^

So, over the last three months before the Christmas break, what have I been learning? Here's a rundown on what Esther's been teaching me, some elements of which I can perform better then others. ^__^;

- skating on my 4 edges:   right/left  inside and outside edges (yes, before I started taking lessons again I was unaware that the extremely fine edges on my blades actually meant anything specific, but knowing the edges and when to balance on each of them for certain elements is important I've learned).

- proper forward crossovers

- backward skating: I'm still very nervous about falling and/or running into people when we practice this. But I'm much better then when I started trying to do it again back in October. This is very important to get confident in since I next need to learn backward crossovers so that I can start learning more complicated jumps!

- 3-turns: Doing this front-to-back or back-to-front turn on one foot which follows a patter on the ice that looks exactly like the number 3 (hence the name) is extremely difficult for me. I always need Esther to hold my arm so that I don't do a faceplant when I attempt this turn. I've done one or two by myself which were halfway decent but this element still needs a lot of work. It's also another move that I need in order to do fancier jumps.

- 2-foot spins: I'm getting halfway good at these. I can get up to 3-4 revolutions now, when I remember to keep my back straight and not lean forward/backward and thus throw off my balance.

- 1-foot spins: I'm still pretty bad at these. I can do 2 revolutions on an extremely good day. Heh.

- Sit spin: I still don't get very low in these spins or get more then 1-2 revolutions.

- Hydro-gliding

- basic front-to-back and standing still 360 degree jumps: I can do these pretty well. This was the lead-up to me learning the waltz jump, getting comfortable with throwing my body into the air.

- Waltz Jump: I'm getting better at this. It's my very first jump and is basically gliding forward on my left foot and then jumping and turning 180 degrees to land gliding backwards on my right foot. I've done a few good jumps, but more often then not I still land with both feet instead of just my right foot because I'm afraid of falling and need the extra landing balance. Shame on me! >_<;

- Bunny-Hop Jump: I'm not bad at this.

- Drag/lunge: I'm not good at these either. I've only had one lesson on them, and it wasn't with Esther since she was out of town. It was with Erin, another coach a little younger then me but very nice. I can't get my forward knee to bend low enough, quickly enough, so that I can drag my back leg's skate boot on the ice without my blade catching on the ice...and all while maintaining my forward leg's balance while I bend my knee. It's very percarious and I suck at it. Heh.

- Swing Roll: I'm getting pretty good at these, and when I practice the DW I feel really graceful. ^___^

- the "Dutch Waltz": This is a preliminary ice-dance, one of 3 dances required for the preliminary ice dance test. I'm getting pretty good at this dance and really enjoy performing it to music when time allows during my lesson. Music is played in the order requested at my rink. I usually end up practicing this dance at the end of my ice time during my personal practice while another one of the younger girls has requested the music already, so I  just join in and skate behind her. The other two are: the "Canasta Tango" and "Baby Blues". I'm hoping my coach will start teaching me one or both of these remaining dances in the next 3 months.

              - RFI = right front inside edge
              - LFO = left front outside edge
              - SR = swing roll

I went skating with my twin sister and our 6 year old niece at Christmas this year in Saskatoon and had a lot of fun. I have videos which I'll try and upload later. For now here are some pictures. ^_^

Me doing a spiral. My free leg is embarrassingly low. O_o

My twin sister doing a spiral. She's so much better then I am. ^__^ Although her arms are too low.
If we were to combine my arms and her free-leg then we would make a lovely spiral.

Me helping my niece skate. She was very determined.
It was only her second time skating since she got her skates for Christmas!

My sister and Me. ^__^

Strike a pose!

Nov. 17th, 2009

stop writing a fairy dies

NaNoWriMo 2009 - Day 17 / "Day 8"

So I have this completely insane idea of trying to do NaNo this year after being so extremely busy for the first two and half weeks of November.

Plus being sick for most of one of those weeks.

And let's not forget papers to write and midterms to study for!

But I'm at 13,716 words which is technically "Day 8" (13,340) and working hard to catch myself up!

Is it crazy? Yes. But I'm gonna try!!!!! (^_^);

Word Count: 13, 716
Catch-up Needed: 14,624

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